You know what your #1 problem is?

There are too many stocks, too much data out there and just not enough time.

As an investor/trader, you want to find winning stocks that you can invest in and make a profit. You work hard and try to watch news, cnbc/cramer, the talking heads, listening to conference calls, reading earning reports.

But, the problem is that there are 1000s of stocks. You miss out as winning stocks are silently making huge moves because of buying by hedge funds or institutional traders. At other times, you make the fatal mistake of holding on to losing stocks that big funds/insiders are quietly selling.

By the time you find out through mainstream media and log into your trading account, it is already too late. The price action on the stock market has already accounted for the news. Next, read how we are working to solve this problem.

The solution

Are we trying to predict the markets?


We firmly believe that it is impossible to predict what a stock will do in the future.

We are doing the next best thing. Pattern search and filtering on a complex scale using computing intelligence. There is lot more to it. But, thats the basic idea.

Using big data, we have analyzed 1000s of stocks over past # of years and come up with winning patterns that these stocks exhibited, as they were making big moves, along with the related market variables.

We then use AI, big data, fast computing and algorithms to look for these winning patterns among stocks today and produce a short list of likely winners that you can research further.

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